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This is a community project.
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Key Features:

You are looking for Saiku-Analytics (OLAP)? Please visit our sister-project:

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October 3, 2012:  Whats up with Saiku-Reporting?

It's been a year now since the first presentation of the Saiku-Reporting concept at PCM2011 in Frascati and also quite a while now since Saiku-Reporting's first release. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the project and some of you might wonder why developement has slowed down a bit recently. First of all, please check out the latest build from the TRUNK as we have done quite some bugfixing and TRUNK will eventually make it into a 1.0.1 maintainance release.

In the meantime there's some other interesting stuff happening in the background. Together with the guys at analytical-labs we have come to the agreement that both projects should be brought together into one powerful reporting and analytics tool. There has allready been a workshop, several brainstorming sessions and some POC implementation to reach that goal.

A first step toward this goal is to switch from a serverside- to a clientside-model for separation of concerns and easier extensibility. At the same time the model is redesigned to be prepared for new and exciting stuff like charts and crosstabs (yes, they do exist!). There have been very inspiring talks about these topics at PCM2012 in Amsterdam. So please stay patient for a while and look forward to an exciting future with saiku.

June 11, 2012:  Finally there! Saiku-Reporting 1.0-GA

Welcome to the Saiku Reporting Project!
Saiku Reporting is a web-based reporting client available as a plugin for the Pentaho Bi-Server. It uses the Pentaho Metadata-Layer to provide an easy to use adhoc reporting facility with a rich enduser experience.

If you want to try the latest (unstable) CI build, visit

How to install

  • Download the CDA-Plugin from and install it into your bi-server.
  • Download and unpack it into biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system.
  • If you want to be able to export PRPTs from Saiku-Reporting, copy or replace the pentaho-reporting-engine-classic-extensions-cda-xxx.jar in pentaho/web-inf/lib with the one that you find in biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/saiku-adhoc/lib
  • To put Saiku-Reports under the ACL, add .adhoc to the acl-files in pentaho.xml
  • Restart the Bi-Server
  • That's it!

How to build

First build the UI project from
by checking it out and running:

          mvn clean package  install:install-file -Dfile=target/saiku-adhoc-ui-1.0-GA.war -DgroupId=org.saiku -DartifactId=saiku-adhoc-ui -Dversion=1.0-GA -Dpackaging=war
Then checkout, cd into saiku-adhoc-core and run:
mvn clean install
Then, if all went well, cd into saiku-adhoc-plugin and run:
mvn clean package

In the resulting "target" directory you will find a file.

Support or Contact

Having questions about the project? Wanna contribute? Join our IRC channel on freenode.
Channel: ##saiku